Three Deaths

Old man. Old dog. Dog older. Man younger. Dog years. In them. Of course. Dog dies. Man sad. Old man. Tears stream.

Dog dead. Big room. Bad smell. Bloody dog. Burial required. Ceremony needed. Man decides. Man acts. He drags. Drags dog. By leg. Hind leg. Rigor mortis. Difficult dragging. Scrape scrape.

Thud thud. Down stairs. Man drags. Man pants. Dog still. Dead still. Great exertion. Bloody dog. Thud thud.

Drag along. Out door. Back door. To garden. At last. Beautiful weeds. Wonderful overgrown. Mouldy shovel. Sad man. Wet face. Man angry. Bloody dog. Bloody death.

Whack whack. Hits dog. With shovel. Very vigorously. Feels younger. Twenty years. Fuck bollix. That’s better. Dig now. Lest sunset…

Dig dig. Deep down. Stony ground. Awkward work. All that. That work. Lousy dog. Bad smell. Big bother. For what. Life death. Opposites paradoxes.

Back inside. Commode smells. Or bedpan. No matter. Smell growing. Commode basins. Chamber pots. All uncleaned. Filthy commode. Ah eureka. Bury them. Bury all. Filthy stench. Cannot clean. Dirty containers. Bury them. Together forever. Shit piss. With dog. Truly deserving.

Dog down. Into ground. Commodes down. Into ground. Stench unbearable. Dog rot. Rot faster. With Commodes. Faeces etc. Speeds process. Thank God.

Bury Dog. Fill hole. Maybe later. What then. Much later. Dig up. Dog’s bones. Very good. Clean them. Dirty bones. Keep them. On mantelpiece. Bleach them. Bleached mementos. Life lived. Now over. So forth. With relics. Move on. With memories.

Erect tombstone. Inscribe name. Rex I.N.R.I. Wrong name. Ah well. Tombstone cross. Cross wood. Not stone. Tomb-wood. Wood plank. Old skirting. Over hole. Covered now. With dirt. With weeds.

Man dog. How different. One dead. But no. In past. How different? One slobbers. Other drools. Both do. Both sad. Both home. Both old. Both eat. Both same? Both useless. Both worthless. Four limbs. Two eyes. One nose. So on.

Had wife. Now gone. In ground. All gone. All ruins. Rubble strewn. Scattered remnants. Ash dust. Ninety years. Or so. Wasted thus. On life. Farce life. Why bother. All done. No matter. Not now. Leave be. Leave it.

Heh heh. True descent. True darkness. Blinding night. Man’s lineage. Adam on. Now stopped. Stoppered bottle. No more. Not now. No sons. No daughters. No progeny. Just shit. Dog wife. House body. If ever. No more.

World forgotten. Old man. Man forgotten. While alive. Lone house. Far off.

No more. Too sad. Too funny. Too emotional. Stop all. Stopper all. His gob. His arse. Cork both. Be done. With all. It all.

Let death. Death accumulate. Plug holes. Accumulate death. Accumulate shit. And piss. And carbon. No escape.

Tears stream. No face. Not really. No eyes. Not really. No mouth. Yet laughter. And tears. Issueless ceaseless.

Soon over. Dead night. End it. Little strength. Strength left. Yes yes. Use it. To what. End it. Might try. Or cry. And laugh. At what. This life.

This life. This body. These eyes. These hands. This flesh. Used it. Used well. No resale. Not now. This body. These secretions. Muscle tendon. Marrow bones. He names. Name them. With relish.

And mind. The memories. So few. So inadequate. For life. But death. For death. Perfect memories. For that. Of hunger. Of love. Loss won. Of all. All inadequate. Deserved more. Yes certainly. No doubt. Not now. Only assertions.

Young man. Young wife. Grew old. Got annoyed. Very often. With what. Each other. With life. With nothing. For pleasure. Relished annoyance. Pain pleasure. All one. All sensation.

What matter. Wife dead. Man old. Cursing consciousness. But soon. Soon over. Soon none. No more. Sheer being. Sheer essence. Sheer nothing. No torment. No joy. No tears. Nothing given. Nothing received. Sealed off. No expectations. Soon over. All over. Sooner better.

On on. On death. He shouts. Take me. Empty house. Ah yes.

He dies. Gets wish. His wish. Last wish. To die. To forget. His life. Wasted life. Wasted joy. Wasted pain. Wasted death. Wasted wish. In vain.


like hell turned upside down

striving undoes handheld
sterile emotion a word to
the assessment of a
20-volume work with
Tim Burton neatness we
travel realms astral with
the timelord Ezra Pound
listening to our knees
this hell hand



diamonds in soul at stool clot of anger
gutbrain the size of a cats wine and condoms
dance of the eso and exoteric began no goal
imminent invisibility



"You have to be at best only half-aware of what you're trying... if you know what you're looking for, there's no attempt to do some real work."
- Chris Morris
"Come down off the cross, we can use the wood!" 
- Tom Waits to Our Lord And Saviour J to the C to the T
"Champagne for your real friends, real pain for your sham friends." 

- Tom Waits
"Nothing that I have done I would class as controversial, that's just people making a mistake." 

- Chris Morris
"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for." 

- Bob Marley
"I bit the head off a live bat the other night. It was like eating a Crunchie wrapped in chamois leather." 

- Ozzy Osbourne
"You build up to it, don't you? You have that bit of a chat, and you go "Alright? Hows it going?". You get on an' that and then a little baby pops out." 

- Karl Pilkington
"The Pope has said that condoms don't help prevent the spread of AIDS. Someone ought to tell his holiness he must be putting them on wrong." 

- Frankie Boyle
"In the future they reckon you'll be able to wake up and eat a yoghurt you can have a chat with." 
- Karl Pilkington
"I'd rather a bottle i' fron' a' me than a frontal lobotomy..." 
- Tom Waits 
"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light." 
- Groucho Marx
"up shit creek sans paddle"
- Robert Creeley 
"...the eggs of numbing inevitability..." 
- Bill Bailey
"We are no longer the same, you wiser but not sadder, and I sadder but not wiser, for wiser I could hardly become without grave personal inconvenience, whereas sorrow is a thing you can keep adding to all your life long, is it not, like a stamp or an egg collection, without feeling very much the worse for it, is it not."
- Arsene


a view

i ninth letter
come from geometry
where s backwards c

and we  just want to be booming
on and on about outside things

we killing me

us walking and talking is something
we made in extreme remedies

burn outside

life    every detention a dream

a bond of boredom
we will be  its agonizing centre

we  want   and won’t ever be

splitting to arrive

on the shore
of the wide world
                             cosmological horizon
          think thoughts thought a thousand times before



life imitate art
in amateurs                cry             tableaux told
                                                   minutes before coprophagi
where career veer then
post their hanging/gouging/rack


twist nodules in gloaming
and smoggy den larval injected
into larvae to consume
in wargy while soul at stool
in front of Our Lady of Perpetual Astonishment



Menip Tmetic


   they turn and burn
      saying “the cosmic microwave background is too even, too homogenous”


i am troubled by the way
they are troubled by the way
it is

oak tree in the garden


the mono or uni-brow
is fascistic
                 we need two brow tension


these analogies
do not strengthen



and the computer set free
soft power
oozer    through our nets
just blog it just react just be topical
followers will follow
readers read
        against the tyranny of geography