for Diarmuid

excuses not really accessible with www
no startup capital needed
just pure mc xander all over your face

and that homeless in santa hat bad decision made that
open archtecture and a 1,000 true phans
you make me feel like Nietzsche’s match
iota dialogue = pound monologue
with superior eye contact, the flix

shelf esteem

then PUA run
neg, IOD, target IOIs, stack routines, neg, IOD
prop, DHV, kino, compliance test
target IOIs
target IOIs
escalate, pull back

move on to bunch-of-guys theory
loving obnubilations built up in communal showering
we wash each others backs and its like, totally awkward

grubby in a hole
diggin the archaeology of the avant-garde
swiftly convinced to desist with fists
i tried to find a tipping point      a linchpin
walkin on quicksand w/ balloons in my hands[1]

less time, more choices
we ignore all but the purple cow and who
                     can really                              say
even stains are stained

if best way to learn is teach
we blow bubbles in the submarine world w/ no air, just blow and blow
and somehow we get the bubble big enough, we fool the water
and climb into it

but clear as a hirsute orange it seems
bed deflates
and in the morning
its all clear, the lacunae
the correct level of vacuity in conversational exchanges

[1] you 've moved from pretending to be an intellectual to pretending to be a
>> >> businessman. You’re all shirted up as you write this. client meetings in the
>> >> morning. mad stuff. You read my poems. they could be world class but you
>> >> wouldnt be able to see it. but I’m getting stuff done and thats
>> >> great to see.

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