(Insomniac) Diary #2

Yep. It's pretty quickly becoming a diary blog. I'm known for quick escalation. Won't tell what in.

But hey, there's only one follower anyway.

I couldn't be bothered reaching for my moleskine so this will have to do. Somehow typing and surfing seems less laborious. [Insert digression on moleskines here, on their bullshit marketing, followed by apologetic admission for, well, liking to use them.]

What's on this blog?
It is not literature, but only in the way I have found all previous great literature trying not to be literature. It is writing. I proceed through rig'rous ignorance. i [how modern] don't know what a poem IS.

 1. A piece of writing or an oral composition, often characterized by a metrical structure, in which the expression of feelings, ideas, etc., is typically given intensity or flavour by distinctive diction, rhythm, imagery, etc.; a composition in poetry or verse.

 a. A composition in prose having elements in common with a poem. Also: a prose poem.

 b. An artwork or piece of music having elements in common with a poem.

 3. fig. Something regarded as embodying the characteristics of a poem. 


Sipping tea, eating my premature easter egg, staring at wine, toe dividers, and cotton buds.

I need to get painting again.

Note on the Title:
"litaetiology": "lit", as in letters, relating to writing. "aetiology", as in the study of causes, typically medical. The factors which produce or predispose toward a certain disease or disorder. As in "the aetiology is unknown". Of what? My writing, this blog.

The edges vibrate.

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